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the right to vote. the obama campaign thanks the republican governor when he did that and then with a significant boost from early voting, democrat barack obama won the state of florida and he won the presidency. oops. last year florida's new republican governor, governor rick scott, decided he was not going to make that mistake again. rather than expand opportunities for voting the way florida's two previous republican governors had done, the new one, republican governor rick scott, decided he would cut the days for early voting almost in half in order to make voting harder. look. at least that's how it works. tah-dah! long, long, long lines for early voting in polling places across florida. except this year it's long lines with no relief in sight. we have been getting pictures like this from voters who live in florida emp since early voting started in the state. this is how democracy works in florida this year. look at this. get in line. wait and wait. wait an hour. wait four hours. wait five hours. more. yesterday florida democrats and the nonpartisan group the
with senators from four key swing states. republican rob portman of ohio who played president obama in romney's debate prep. 18 electoral votes in play in a state obama won in '08 by 4.6 points and now leading by 2.3 points in the the latest realclearpolitics average of recent polls. republican ron johnson of wisconsin, ten electoral votes at stake. obama won by almost 14 points last time and now leading by 2.3. democrat mark warner of virginia. obama won its 13 elector aral votes by 6 points is four years ago but now tied with romney and democrat mark udall of colorado. obama won the nine electoral votes last time by nine points. the race there now dead even. senator portman let's start with the state that most people think may decide this race and that is ohio. the obama camp says they have a big edge in early voting in the state and also note that they have 137 campaign offices around the country while the romney camp has only 39. >> well, chris first of all, you mentioned the real clear poll techs average in ohio being 2.3% in president obama's favor. as of this morning it is 1.9% actuall
? obviously, in 2008, everybody who helped obama, that's why republicans tried to suppress early voting. in many states, they tried to cut it back. they failed in ohio. >> i don't know if you can hear me, but the 2,800 people here in hilliard, ohio region are screaming. the president of the united states has just been splused and is about to take the stage. as we wait for him to get to the microphone, let me ask you, you've been hearing about the sights and the sounds. does that tell us anything? >> i will say that the size of romney's crowds have gone down in the last week and president obama's has gone up. >> i think they're totally irrelevant. it's just about how you deploy resources. >> here he is. >> oh- >> i-o. >> o-h -- >> -- i-o. >> it's good to be back. can everybody give judy a big round of applause for the great introduction. you know, judy is an example of all the incredible volunteers who have been involved in this campaign each and every day knocking on doors, making phone calls. i love all of you and i'm grateful to all of you for all the great work you guys have done. gi
was leading president obama in these ohio republican internal polls by just one point. they've seen his numbers go down. the obama campaign tells me that he's consistently led two to four points in their internal polling. you might say it's spin, but these two campaigns are seeing very different data. >> do you trust these people that are giving you these numbers? are they just giving you numbers, or do you really believe them? which of these people are the most credible when it comes to numbers when you match them up against other evidence? >> one of the things that the romney campaign was suggesting, just about an hour ago on a conference call that they had, the romney pollster, neil newhouse, was saying that he doesn't buy some of these national polls, because he was just pointing out that the quinnipiac "new york times" poll, and said that was weighted more heavily toward registered voters than likely voters and thought that it sort of overshowed a little bit of enthusiasm for democrats, and i keep hearing this over and over again, from republicans, chris, and that is, they don't be
york city took new steps toward getting back to normal. and president obama and republican challenger mitt romney returned to full-scale campaigning, with the election just five days off. we have follow-up online to our story on the street drugs known as bath salts. kwame holman has the details >> holman: state officials in maine are linking the abuse of bath salts to increased rates of child neglect. we look at that and the latest scientific research on the drug. spencer michels examines propositions and congressional races on the ballot in california. and older americans are working longer and returning to the workforce after retiring. you can help paul solman look into that demographic shift. if you're an older worker, fill out a questionnare on the rundown. all that and more is on our website jeff? >> brown: and again, to our honor roll of american service personnel killed in the afghanistan conflict. we add them as their deaths are made official and photographs become available. here, in silence, are eight more. >> brown: and that's the "newshour" for tonight.
, a republican, side by sidewalking around the board walk on the jersey shore, that's what president obama could not have asked for for the final five days of this campign judy. >> woodruff: margaret, what about these states? i looked again at this list of states the president is going to over the next several days. it's the same battlegrand states we've been focused on. we showed them there in the p of the states considered tossups. do they see movement in onep state or another? and how do they read the romney going to pennsylvania, running ads in minnesota? >> sometimes when you go to a state that's a rea it's because you want to expand your win. there not reading this that as what gove ror romney is doing in pennsylvania. as jonathan said, they're orlooking at it as governor romy looking for an alternate path to 270. don't forget, president obama is closer than he wants to be in a lot of places: colorado, nevada, nevada should have been tucked away a while ago. >> wisconsin even. >> wisconsin. and so the fact that he is returning to these places again and again and again, they'll say we'
of obama -- the reason this happened is the republican's leadership in congress grasped early on bring this about by denying his -- [ applause ] >> stephanie: which is why i think it's such amazing timing. what are you going with chris christie? there are no republicans and democrats in a storm, and this is what he has been trying to do since day one. >> and if he had more cooperative republicans they would have gotten more stuff done. >> stephanie: exactly. making obama promise to transcend -- returning republicans to power depends on the election. this is the case that mitt romney is trying to make right now. oh, i'm the only one that can work across the aisle. obama has proved himself that he is easily the best president on his own terms he overwhelmingly deserves reelection. >> stephanie: thank you. that is posted up on our facebook page. >> it's a good piece. >> stephanie: thank you. betty in chicago you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, betty. >> caller: yeah could i be the actual mensa member who has actually at tenninged real mensa meetings where fart
obama won the state of florida and the presidency. oops. last year florida's new republican governor rick scott decided he was not going to make that mistake again. rather than expanding voting, the new one decided he would cut the days for early voting almost in half in order to make voting harder. look. at least that's how it works. long, long, long lines for early voting in polls places across florida except this year it's long lines with no relief in sight. we have been getting pictures ever since early voting started in the state. this is how democracy works in florida this year. look at this. get in line. wait and wait. wait an hour. wait four hours. wait five hours. yesterday florida democrats and the nonpartisan group the league of women voters asked the governor to do something about the long lines. they asked him to add a day of voting to open the polls on the last sunday before the election when many african-americans usually plan to car pool after church to go vote. the governor said no. florida's governor said, "early voting will end on saturday night, but i want everybo
will be bipartisan. i can't help but want to point out that the republicans for the entirety of obama's term have said no, no, no. and so what they're really say something we've been nasty when there's a democrat as president. but elect a republican and we'll be happy to work for him. this is kind of political extortion. >> i want to button this conversation up with what i think is an overarching point. that really does frame the last nine days. we were told this was going to be the ultimate clarifying campaign. two distinct choices. now i feel nine days out -- a fair amount of uncertainty. there's the question of which mitt romney are you going to get if he becomes president and there's the question of, what's the second term for president obama going to look like? >> i want to talk about the last nine days, we were talking about how mitt romney has a message advantage in this respect -- he gets to say the same thing for the next nine days. because all he's trying to do is win over the swing voting women, if it's the reason why you don't hear the larger message, because he can't do it. >> david,
six or seven and i think one or two flipped from republican to obama. >> greg: "the billings gazette." >> bob: in texas, they're three papers and they will go republic. "the des moines register" matters. it's bigest in the state and has political influence. if there one paper i want for all in the country it's that paper. >> kimberly: thank you for that truthful and refreshing -- >> eric: you say that, unless "new york times" endorsed a republican. >> bob: you tracked it on polls. it makes a difference. if you can't win ohio, you have to win at great length. needs to win a number of stat states. iowa is another. iowa is important. >> eric: can we talk iowa? ohio. thank you. northern part of ohio is very democratic and obama. a lot of car companies, tire companies up there. southern part being republican. you want to go for the middle piece of ohio. if romney doesn't win ohio, gets iowa, wisconsin becomes the in play state. >> eric: wisconsin and you need to win two other states. >> bob: i'm giving him right now florida, north carolina, and virginia. >> eric: because he's lea leading.
, that's a dubious question. it helps president obama refute the notion that republicans are making that he can't work across the aisle. >> and all three of us think of it going the other way, what would it have meant? >> that's right. it was the same with the colin powell endorsement. >> let's look at that. excuse me. the president's campaign today released an ad touting colin powell's endorsement. we'll be right back to chuck after his -- let's take a look at what he's talking about. >> will you endorse president obama? >> yes. when he took over, we were in one of the worst recessions we had seen in recent times, close to a depression, and i saw over the next several years stabilization come back in the financial community, housing is starting to pick up. president saved the auto industry, and the action he has taken with respect to protecting us from terrorism have been very, very solid. and so i think we ought to keep on the track we are on. >> well, he hasn't got mother teresa yet. she's lost to us, but he's gotten the most trusted man in america, his name is bill clinton right
consulate can't be blamed on a video insulting islamic. >> the republican presidential ticket is hitting obama hard, sake he is ducking responsibility for the attack. >> what we are watching on our tv screens is the unraveling obama foreign policy. >> october 16th. at the second presidential debate, romney and obama face off. they highlight the charges and counter charges over whether president obama took the benghazi attack and by implication the terror threat seriously enough. >> as soon as we found out benghazi consulate was overrun. i was on the funny. >> the president the day after flies to a political fund-raiser. >> day after the attack, governor, i stood in the rose garden and i told the american people that this was an act of terror and the suggestion that anybody in my team would play politics or mislead when we have lost four of our own is offensive. >> mr. president, 14 days he called it an act of terror. >> six days later. >> the first question, it concerns libya. >> october 22nd, the final presidential debate. >> governor rom you said this is an example of an american polic
. the way i was brought up. democrat or republican. that was patriotism. the obama late night talk show mirn tour continued this week the president was on jay leno. >> you know, i was fine with up until about 7th grade. and then malea is a fresh man in high school and i am pretty lost. >> yeah, i know >> it is it tough and fortunately they are great students on their own. and you know, if something doesn't work. i will call over to the department of the energy and see if they have a phycist. >> aing the math skills don't go above the 7th grade. i am glad he acknowledged it. i was watchinglet policies and wondered why he can't figure it out. he was on david letterman and asked about the national debt. he doesn't know. and mr. president, it is it 16 trillion dollars and some change. a lot of change and geth bigger all of the time here's another math piece that you might need to be aware of 23 million americans don't have a yob and many who do have half the job they once had a few years ago. that may be above the 7th grade math skills but i am telling you, people hope if you are relerksected yo
is the only republican -- i mean not just praising obama. i mean it's -- it's -- let's just put it this way. is it wrong for one man to love another man? but that man love out there it's isolated to the state of meteorologist. well, just tell you what i have observed casually with my busy broadcast eyes and my coke lar implant-aided ears. >> he reminds mi more of the guy from deliverance skel like a pig. without getting too much of the movie references, it just seems like he's squealing like a pig essentially here. he knows he lost the day and he just wants to complain about it, this bromance, suggestions of gay behaviors. it's absurd and high school. >> rush is the kind of air raid siren for the republicans. when he's creaming like that, you know something has happened. if you add up all the factors, the fact the president gets to be president. if you add up the fact he gets to talk about bipartisanship and communal activity -- >> government being good. >> government being government, government being good, not to mention the fact that it also -- a lot of sats have had to rearrange e vents
exceeded by those who voted. they are not looking for fraud. they are trying to embarrass the republicans. bad for obama to have the un in. >> and hear about the companies cutting staff and the stocks you want to hire, too. >> companies that are adding workers and ready to pay you. morgan store. >> i like them. they are hiring and analyst >> emac? >> it costs more. the stock is pricier than walmart or target. >> you like them. >> they are up 33 percent . they have a sweet dividend and hi the earnings power is so smart.
preferring obama over him but this week, indiana republican senate candidate richard mourdock talked about having no exceptions at all in the case of abortion. let's take a look: >> live is a gift from god and i think even when life begins in that horrible situation, of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. >> chris: senator johnson, mitt romney disavowed richard mourdock's comments and, he has tried to walk them back but it brings up the bigger question. why should a woman who believes of freedom of choice when it comes to abortion, why should she vote for mitt romney, who said he'd like to see roe vs. wade overturned and who favors cutting off all federal funding for planned parenthood? >> well, chris, first of all, i have heard one person talk about the abortion issue during the entire campaign. what people in wisconsin, what is moving the needle here is they recognize mitt romney is an individual, who when faced with the legislature controlled by democrats is actually able to work with the democrats and look at his record, versus president obama, who has been totally
things to say. if you do not cut me off. a lot of republicans a president obama --president obama cannot change the color of his stand. from day one, before this man passed any laws, he cannot and said this was a onetime president. -- he came out and said this would be a one time president. bush sent our boys to war without the proper body armor. we had to send our boys the proper body armor. rhumb spelled said you go to war with the army that you have. what about the war that all of our boys died in a question mark is a shame when it comes to abortion also. -- what about the war that all of our boys died and a? it is a shame when it comes to abortion, also. last thing, when it comes to your religious doctrine, billy graham's four years has said that mormonism is a cult. all of these evangelicals that now all of a sudden, mormonism is not a cult, you guys need to get down on your knees. all of a sudden did it got to come to a kg and said i had been thinking about it, and now mormonism is not a cult. host: a lot of issues to choose from. if you want to talk about how they are playing in o
,000 vote flip which is the margin by which obama won ohio in 2008. secondly, ohio is a republican state. 20 of the last 24 years we had republican governors. the legislature is overwhelmingly republican. every elected member of the supreme court of ohio is republican. 75% of elected officials in 88 counties are republicans. and thirdly, by independent voting measures, 10% to 15% of independent voters in ohio are going to vote for mitt romney. and also the catholic church when i go to saint sin vent in kenwood in since is national the minister is telling us vote for religious freedom. vote for the biblical definition of marriage. vote for life. there is half a million catholics energized in south, ohio, to pull the lever for mitt romney. mitt romney will win, ohio, and is going to win ohio easily. >> sean: wisconsin? >> wisconsin will go for romney because what walker did and what ryan did made it possible for mitt romney to win wisconsin. let's face it, tonight in westchester, 30,000 people came to butler county, ohio, the most important county and the most important state in the the union
. but the where republicans are falling short is among the single group where obama is doing well, remember the ad where he said government is going to help you here, help you here, republicans have not offered a counter help you. >> i want to go to chuck's point about the republican right. one thing we've seen in this election. the right wing lost this election. mitt romney signaled that in the first debate where he said you know all this tea party stuff we've been running on for two years, i know i can't win the election on that, i'm going somewhere else. the second point is you saw something interesting in that mourdock example, in terms of how mitt romney responds to the pressures in his own party. he could have pulled down the ad that he made for richard mourdock. and he refused to pull that ad down. in the third thing is the whole discussion of i will be bipartisan. i can't help but want to point out that the republicans for the entirety of obama's term have said no, no, no. and so what they're really say is we've been nasty when there's a democrat as president. but elect a republican and we
the candid the turtle in the swing state shuffle. but first president obama and republican candidate mitt romney are making nonstop appearances in eight different states. mary ellen hopkins has the story. >> president obama his case to voters in las vegas he echoed the slogan from his first campaign about ridding changed to america. >> right now we could be putting more folks back to work right now fixing more roads, bridges, expanding broadband true rural neighborhoods. making sure our schools are state of the art. let's put america is pared to work during the work that needs to be done. >> mitt romney hits back all the president's changed during a campaign stop in roanoke, virginia. >> there's no question in my mind that we have really cannot have four more years like the last four years. the obama folks are chanting for more years, four more years but our chant is five more days, five more days. >> mitt romney delivers what his campaign says is his closing arguments today during a sto in wa wisconsin. then he's off to ohio for two rallies. oh, will also be in ohio where he holed three
, republicans are going pounce on that. if it's more than 150 or close to 200, obama administration is going to go on that. what you are going to hear about is the unemployment rate, 7.8%. it drops, probably going go to 7.9%. christine will explain why the job loss and creation numbers are different from unemployment. the bar chart is the more important number. the bottom line is, all you are going to hear is spend and we are going tell you what matters. it is going to be a deciding factor for many voters. >> the jobs number is a number you see. you have been on the ground in ohio. we want to know what it feels like there when it comes to jobs. what are people saying? >> reporter: yeah. so, you know ohio has been hard hit. i was in youngstown, the second biggest deal maker in the country after philadelphia, autos and crushed in the auto crisis. they have a plant there called the lower south plant that makes jeep. this is heavy union country. we are in a swing county right now. the unemployment rate in ohio as christine pointed out is lower than the national average. who do you hold responsib
're staying close to president obama, who in 2008 just slaughtered the republicans in early vote. it's not happening now, albeit president obama is still up. >> mark murray, marc caputo, ewe gene robinson, thank you so much for having all you have guys on. >>> up next -- >> those are people actually cheering on the streets of manhattan because lights are back on. not because they won the lottery, but i guess it's the same thing when you have been without power for so many days. five days after hurricane sandy hit. up next, what kind of impact will sandy have on election day voting? we've got some fresh new information on how it could even affect, of course, the popular vote in the race for president. >>> plus have, you heard this one? rush on the big, big screen. what hollywood star is making a new movie about rush limbaugh? it is just one of the things we thought you should know. will it be a flattering movie or a takedown? >>> first, today nate silver of the five thirty eight blog. governor romney will win 233. and apparently nate has offered up a few bets, he is so confident in th
, rural democrats. he pulls about 16% of them on our poll, where as obama only pulls about 5% republican support. so that crossover appeal so to speak of romney's in florida and the independent edge that he appears to have is making a difference. but good campaigns can change polls. they're not changed by polls. and the question is who turns out their voters and who does it best. we're going to find out today. today is the last day of early voting. and then on tuesday that's when the ball game is. >> mark murray, let me bring you in. both men have these op-eds in "the wall street journal." we have the headlines. real progress, but we're not done. that's from the president. and governor romney, a new direction for america. what are your thoughts on just the headlines alone, not even the content of the op-ed itself. but those two different headlines. >> well, right. they're actually two different realities. actually, when you look in all the polls, it doesn't matter what it is. democrats seem to be a whole lot more optimistic about the country's direction, or people who are actually planni
republicans used to win but trended democratic over the last 20 years. on the cultural issues and he has to win them over economic and stewardship and foreign policy get the white nonblue collar. obama campaign baraged ohio with ads. biggest anti-romney ads he's outsourced job to china and he fired me and my wife got cancer and all of that sort of thing. they have seen it in ohio and white noncollege voters in ohio are considerably not likely to support romney than in other states. there are different ohios and he has to gain in different places on different issues and appeals. >> michael you looked deeper in ohio and picked out one county that may be the key to the state of ohio. why and which county. franklin county includes the state capt capt of -- capital of columbus. franklin was a republican stronghold and a solidly republican. and columbus is the fastest growing metroarea in ohio and only one with vast population growth and economic growth. there is it a white collar population there and ohio state university is there and largest state universities in the world and university tha
and a questionable outcome. if it goes in favor of mitt romney, -- republican, but i am leaning toward obama. if mitt romney wins, the 47% are not going to be happy. i am a republican, but it seems like if you vote for mitt romney, you are voting for the future. i am disabled and have children. i kind of feel selfish of five votes for obama because it might help us now. if i thought for mitt romney it might help -- if i voted my, children down the road. host: the earlier caller talking about voters oppression. a couple of editorials we want to share with you. from mitt romney's hometown of in detroit. top reasons to re-elect barack obama is what the editorial says. with a myriad of conflicts that enter the middle east, not to mention the u.s. tense relations with china and russia, the president has to have a steady, learned hand on the tiller. mitt romney does not have that hand. obama's first term prove he can deliver at home under the worst imaginable circumstances, battling multiple crisis that individually would have saw lesser presidents. abroad, obama has restored american credibility and influ
republican ajust praising obama, is it wrong for one man to love another man? but that manlove out there is isolated in the state of new jersey. >> rush limbaugh might not like it but it received the most applause on the campaign trail today. >> for me to get the things done that i've just described i'm going to need to reach across the aisle and there are good democrats like that. i'm going to meet regularly with democrat leaders. >> when mayor bloomberg make our announcement today. we have to work together and have to be in this together. we have to stop this blue and red. we are a purple nation, man. we are made up of democrats. >> he really are. >> 80% of people polled this summer say they like political leaders that work to get the job done. new column today in time magazine, the best reason for his re-election goes back to what motivated so many middle of the road voters. need obama to win again and obama defeat would empower those who go for broke approach to politics would acknowledge those who have a distemper for this. >> expand on your point in the column. do you think a
george bush and obama has cut the red tape. that is not something that republicans thought was possible at the federal level. >> and how big a government does a big country need? how big a government does staten island need when it is under water tonight? it needs a bigger government and it needs the american government in there. one of the things, new york city has a lot of government. there are 60 departments in the city. and the fact of the matter is the irony is that all of this government replaces a lot of freedom. and who is going to have a say in that government. how will be things be distributed in the hard of the argument? the question is it going to be there for folks that are poor and on medicaid. it is about who would benefit? >> the thing that has happened that has been painful is that fema seems to be working better than it did under george bush and obama has cut the red tape. that is not something that republicans thought was possible at the federal level. >> and how big a government does a big country need? how big a government does staten island need when it is under wa
Search Results 150 to 199 of about 1,029 (some duplicates have been removed)